Managed Services simplify the management of IT functions and facilitate the ongoing alignment of IT with your overall business strategy.

Using Managed Services ensures that you receive predictable levels of support on an “as needed” basis, without worrying about headcount. With our Helpdesk Support or MAC Support services, as your business grows we can tailor your IT support needs to best suit your changing business requirements, leaving you to focus your attention on your business and not on IT services.


Helpdesk Support

Our Helpdesk Support services allow you to take a more strategic, long term approach to your firm’s technology needs, while knowing that your users’ daily desktop support issues are being dealt with in an efficient, timely and professional manner. Our Helpdesk Support can also provide you with the statistics you need to identify reoccurring faults, giving you the opportunity to improve the efficiency of your support services by eliminating such problems through technology improvements, user training, or changes in your user support structure.


MAC Support

For your business as usual Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) we can provide Onsite Move Coordinators to gather all required move information and coordinate all IT and non-IT entities for the smooth execution of your MACs. EIRE Systems Onsite Move Coordinators are backed up by a pool of offsite technicians that are available ad-hoc to execute each MAC.

Case Study

US Investment Bank


Client: A leading US investment bank with a strong presence in the Asian market.

Project: The provision of Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) support for its Tokyo Office, with approximately 1,000 user moves per year.

Solution: EIRE Systems onsite move coordinator and offsite relocation team are responsible for planning and implementing all user MACs.

Regardless of the size and timing of our Client’s MACs, our offsite relocation staff can provide disconnect, relocation and reconnect services to cater for any MAC request. To ensure an effective and timely MAC implementation, our onsite Move Coordinator is available to liaison with IT and business personnel to gather all relevant relocation information, prepare move lists and site maps, and coordinate with third parties including facilities, voice, market data, IT teams and outside vendors. Our onsite MAC Coordinator is also responsible for all documentation updates once any MAC is completed ensuring that all client documentation is kept up-to-date.

Case Study

Multinational Financial Services Provider


Client: An innovator in global finance servicing the needs of corporations, governments and municipalities, institutional clients, and high net worth individuals worldwide.

Project: To provide helpdesk services for front and back office users.

Solution: Our Managed Services ensure that the Client receives predictable levels of support on an “as defined” basis, without worrying about headcount. Our helpdesk engineering team is onsite to provide IT services at all levels required by the Client’s front and back office users.

Using our onsite and offsite support personnel, our Managed Services can be scaled to provide additional (or reduced) support as our Client’s needs fluctuate, providing our Client with a cost efficient and reliable solution.

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